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Robottic Finishing Systems

Robottic Finishing System

Product Description

  • Over the years foundry industry have advanced in all departments like molding, casting, core making but need of quality metal finishing product is never resolved.
  • Finishing has always been the bottle neck operation in foundries.
  • To offer a perfect finishing product for our customers we have collaborated with Italian company TREBI a leader in offering customized solution to the metal finishing applications like cutting, deburring, grinding polishing. With more than 30 years in the business and more than 400 installations worldwide Trebi is the perfect partner in resolving finishing problems.
  • Trebi is not just a robot applicator, but machine builders Trebi is involved in mechanical design, electrical design, software programming, machining of all components, building, service in short everything out from one hand.
  • Today trebi can offer its customers perfection in cutting, deburring, grinding and polishing application
  • You can expect following benefits after installating trebi systems like : Margin incrementmProcess simplification, safety, less occupational injuries process traceability, no rejection and quicker deliveries.
  • You can expect your most troublesome area like fettling can become your profit centre for the organization.

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